Blogger Post Editor Overview

You have a lot of things to learn about Blogger Post Editor such as How to —

  1. Create a new Post
  2. Publish a Post
  3. Insert Images or Videos
  4. Add Links
  5. Add Labels
  6. Align Text
  7. Set Numbered list and Bullet list
  8. And more

But before you learn those things I want to give you a quick Overview about Blogger Post Editor.

Go to Blogger Post Editor

  1. Sign in to Blogger with your Google Email and Password.
  2. In the left top, click this icon Down Arrow Icon and choose the blog.
  3. In the left menu, click Posts > New post.

Blogger Post Editor Overview

After clicking Create new post button you will see the editor page like below —

Blogger Post Editor

Blogger Post Editor Page Screenshot with red marked