Blogger Posts, Comments and Sharing Settings

Blogger Posts, Comments and Sharing settings will allow you to manage —

  • How many posts will show on homepage.
  • Creating a Post template.
  • Hiding comments section.
  • Choosing who can comment.
  • Associating your Google+ profile or page with your blog.
  • And more.

Go to Posts, Comments and Sharing

  1. Sign in to Blogger with your Google Email and Password.
  2. Click the Down arrow Down Arrow Icon in the top left, then choose your blog.
  3. In the left menu, click Settings > Posts, comments and sharing.

Blogger Posts Setting

  • Show at most — Insert number how many posts will show on homepage. If Days is selected, a limit of up to 500 posts will be enforced.
  • Post Template — If you ever need the same content on every post repeatedly, then you can create a post template with plain text or HTML to save your time. The content you’ve inserted in the template will appear in the post editor whenever you will create a new post.
  • Showcase images with Light-box — If “Yes” is selected, your images will open in an overlay on top of your blog. If your post has multiple images, they will appear as thumbnails along the bottom.
    Showcase images with Lightbox in Blogger

Blogger Comments Setting

Use this option to set comments location, choose who can comment on your blog posts and set a comment moderation time.

Set Comments Location

  • Embedded — It allows users to comment on the post.
  • Full page — It will take readers to a new page.
  • Popup window — Comment section will open in a different popup window.
  • Hide — It will not delete existing comments but will hide the comment section.

Who can Comment

  • Anyone — Anybody can comment.
  • Registered User — The registered users with Google Account, LiveJournal, WordPress, TypePad, AIM and OpenID can comment.
  • User with Google Accounts — Only who have Google Accounts can comment.
  • Only members of this blog — Only the members of your blog can comment.

Set Comment Moderation Time

  • Always — Comments always go into Comments > Awaiting moderation in the left menu.
  • Sometimes — Comments sometimes go into Awaiting moderation.
  • Never — Comments will be published immediately.
Tip: Review comments before publishing them. Because many readers try to provide spam comments.

Turn on Show Word Verification

This will require people leaving comments on your blog to complete a word verification (captcha) step, which will help reduce comment spam. Blog authors will not see word verification for comments.

Show Backlinks

I don’t know how Blogger prevents backlinks in comments. If you select “No” then it should work but I see no results.

Add a Comment Form Message

Add a message that will appear on Comment Form. It might be a warning message for not to provide spam comments or links.

Google+ Comments Setting

To enable this option, switch to your Google+ profile first. If you select “Yes”, default comment form will be replaced with Google+ comment form. It allows users to comment on your blog posts with their Google+ profile.

Note: If you stop using Google+ comments, your Google+ comments will disappear from your blog, but they may continue to appear on Google+.

Share to Google+ Setting

To enable this option, switch to your Google+ profile first. The profile is associated with this blog will appear here. If you have multi-profiles or pages, click Down arrow Down Arrow Icon and choose one of them to associate with this blog. Your next blog posts will be shared to this profile.Blogger Dashboard - Share to Google+ Setting

Share Published Posts Automatically

Choose “Yes”, next to “Auto-share new published posts to your Google+ Profile”, to share your new posts automatically to a Google+ profile after publishing.

Prompt to share after posting

Google+ share box will appear immediately after publishing a post. Choose “No” to turn off this effort.

Blogger Dashboard - Google+ Share box