Configure Language and Formatting Settings in Blogger

Now in this tutorial, your are going to learn how to —

  • Change your Blog language.
  • Enable transliteration.
  • Set Time Zone for your Blog.
  • Set Date Header Format.
  • Set Timestamp Format for posts and comments.

Go to Language and Formatting Settings

  1. Sign in to Blogger with your Google Email and Password.
  2. Click the Down arrow Down Arrow Icon in the top left, then choose your blog.
  3. In the left menu, click Settings > Language and formatting.

Blogger Dashboard - Language and formatting settings

Blogger Language Setting

  • Language — Language describes the language of your blog. Select the correct language in which your blog is written.
  • Enable transliteration — Enabling this feature allows you to convert words from English to the selected language. Select the language tool in Post editor and write words with the English keyboard.

Blogger Post Editor - Select the Language tool

Blogger Time & Date Formatting

  • Time Zone — Select the time zone of where you are living in.
  • Date Header Format — This will appear above your posts. If the date header doesn’t appear on your blog, make sure this option is enabled. To active this, go to Layout > Blog Posts widget, next click Edit to Configure Blog Posts, then select the first option under Post Page Options.
  • Timestamp Format — Set this format for your blog posts.
  • Comment Timestamp Format — Set this format for your blog comments.
Note: Date Header is the date will appear above the posts have been published on that date on Index pages (Homepage, Labels page and yearly Archive page).