How to Back up, Import or Restore Blogger Content

In this article, I will show you – how to Back up, Import or Restore your Blogger Content. Using this feature, you can Back up your blog pages, posts & comments to xml file and can import from that file, even from another blog.

How to Back up Content

After login to your blog, click Settings > Other, then follow the steps below.

Blogger Import content and Back up content

  1. In Import & back up section, click Back up Content, a pop-up box will appear.
  2. In the pop-up window, click Save to your computer. An xml file (e.g. blog-06-16-2017.xml) will be saved to your PC.
Note: You should back up your blog content sometimes. Because, Blogger may delete your site for violating their terms of service, or if the blog is deleted by accident.

Import or Restore Content

This option might be needed to transfer one blog to another or restore content from your backup file. Even you upload demo content to your new blog for working or designing. To import content —

  1. Click Import Content.
  2. Fill the reCAPTCHA if needed.
  3. Choose the back up .xml (e.g. blog-06-16-2017.xml) file from your PC.
  4. Click Publish.