How to Create a new Blog using Google Blogger

In this tutorial, you are going to learn how to create a new Blog or Website in Google Blogger.

The Benefits to Open a Blog in Blogger

  1. Adding Custom Domain
  2. No need to buy Hosting
  3. Customizing template
  4. Adding multiple users
  5. Earning money by displaying ads on the Blog

The Requirements to Start

  1. One Computer
  2. An Operating System
  3. Internet Connection
  4. One Compatible Browser (Google Chrome recommended)
  5. A Google Account

Create a new Blog

First, Sign in to Blogger with your existing Google Email and Password. If you’ve not created any blog yet then you will see this screen below ─

Blogger Dashboard - Create a new Blog button

  1. Click CREATE NEW BLOG button. Or, In the top left, click the Down arrow Down Arrow Icon > New blog….
    New blog button in Blogger Dashboard
  2. Fill up the Title and Address fields and other things. Follow the animated image below.
    • Title — Type a title that should be related to your Blog.
    • Address — Your blog address must be unique. So type a unique name in the address field. If the address is available then you will see a blue sign This blog address is available icon on the right.
    • Template — choose a template. You can install a custom template later but you have to choose one for now.
    • After all done, click Create blog! button.
Animated gif image - How to Create a new Blog using Google Blogger

Animated image – How to Create a new Blog using Google Blogger

How to View your Blog

To view your new Blog how it looks like, click View blog in the top left under your Blog title.

How to View your Blog on Blogger