How to Install a Blogger Template on your Blog

This is very important to learn how to install a Blogger Template on your Blog. You can install a default template easily from your Blogger Dashboard but you might need a different styled template that is not available there. This is why I will show you both —

  • To install a default Blogger Template.
  • To install a custom Blogger Template from another site.

Go to Blogger Template Page

  1. Sign in to Blogger with your Google Email and Password.
  2. Click the Down arrow Down Arrow Icon in the top left, then choose your blog.
  3. In the left menu, click Template.

Install a Default Blogger Template

You will see some default templates are available on your Blogger Dashboard, you can install and customize them easily. To install a default template —

  1. First, Backup your current template.
  2. Click Preview Preview icon on Blogger Template.
    Preview Button to Install a Blogger Template
  3. A preview window will appear where you can see how your blog will look like after installing the template.
  4. Click Apply to Blog.

Introduction to Default Blogger Templates

I am describing below about these templates to make you understand a bit. But to understand better, click on each template and check its preview. Even you can check the templates by installing one-by-one.

  • Simple, Picture Window, Awesome Inc., Watermark, Ethereal and Travel Templates are almost same, only the difference among their style. It means if you install the templates one by one then you will see the only difference with their colors, backgrounds, layouts and other small things.
  • Blogger Dynamic Views Templates are too much different than others. If you install one of them then will understand the difference. Most of them support auto load, when you will scroll down, more blog posts will load automatically. And if you click on any post link, it will not go to the single page but will open in a pop-up window instead.
  • Revert to classic templates are completely different than others. If you install this old templates on your blog, you will not have access to many new features such as the template designer, layout, etc.

Install a Custom Blogger Template

You might need a different style of template that is not available on Blogger, but you can download your desired template from any third-party site like —


To install a custom blogger template on your blog, follow the 6 steps below —

  1. Download a template from or others.
  2. If you’ve downloaded a ZIP file, then unzip the file first. To unzip —
    1. Right-click on the zip file.
    2. Select Extract.
  3. In the top right, click Backup / Restore.
  4. A pop-up window will appear, click Choose File.
  5. Choose the .xml file you’ve downloaded from your PC. See the image below how to find the XML file.
    How to Know File Type on Windows 7
  6. Click Upload.