Introduction to Google Blogger Dashboard Home

Blogger removed this homepage from dashboard. So this page is no longer available in Blogger’s Dashboard.

Blogger Dashboard Updated & Simplified

Blogger Dashboard has been updated and simplified to make it better and easier to users. They’ve updated Blogger’s sidebar, header bar and others.

What are new in Blogger Dashboard

  1. If you’ve not created any blog yet then after Signing in to Blogger, you will see this Welcome page ─
    Blogger Dashboard - Create a new Blog button
  2. The blog with most recent posts will appear first then you have to choose other blogs from the drop-down list.
  3. To find your previous blogs, 1. click this arrow Down arrow icon in the left top then select your blog from the list. 2. Click New blog… to create a new blog.
    Blogger Dashboard - Blog list Dropdown
  4. User settings tab newly added under Settings tab.
  5. Reading List has been moved from previous dashboard home to this sidebar. And Help tab newly added.
  6. And other petty things have been changed and removed from Dashboard.