How to Create your own Website in free

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You may wish if you had a website or a blog like your friends or others! but you don’t know how to create a Website yourself. You are actually scared of thinking about the boring codes you have to learn. You probably don’t know that Blogger will allow you to create your own Blog/Website without coding knowledge.

What is Blogger

Blogger is one kind of tool that allows you to build a Blog or a Website in free. Our intention is how to create a website, publish content and earn money with this tool.

The Remarkable Features in Blogger

  • Adding Custom Domain
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Hosting for Images
  • Customizing Template
  • Full Free Hosting

Why to Create Website

People build their websites in different kind of purposes. So you can choose one of them. I’ve described some usual purposes below why you should launch a website.

  1. To Earn Money

    You can earn money from displaying ads on your website or selling products. A simple way to earn money is create a website > publish content > get traffic > earn money.
  2. To Make Portfolios

    If you are a Photographer, Graphic Designer, Web Developer, Programmer or this type then you might need to show your works to your client through a website.
  3. To Share Thoughts

    Some people only have interest to share their thoughts via websites around the world. You also can share your thoughts using this same way.
  4. About Yourself

    If you are a Doctor, Lawyer, Professor, Politician or this type then you can inform people about yourself by your website.

How to Earn Money

Simple 5 steps to earn money online. I’ve described the steps below providing an image.