HTML Introduction

HTML is a language used to build a website or webapp. Before jumping into CSS, you must have to learn HTML first. Even If you want to learn any other language like php, JavaScript then you should first familiar with HTML.

Let’s introduce to HTML now.

What is HTML ?

HTML is a short of Hyper Text Markup Language. You cannot create any web page without HTML, if you try then the page will be just like a plain text. It means, there will have nothing to identify ─ no title, no link, no image, nothing. But a web page should contain a title, links, paragraph, media, and etc. As if a web designer can use CSS to style the page, can use JavaScript to manipulate the page.


Hypertext is text which contains links to other text. Clicking on a link (or key press ), a reader can immediately access to another content.

I think, before understanding hypertext, you should know about linear. Linear is just like text on paper that is described in a straight line sequence. But hypertext is not linear because a reader can go to anywhere wherever he wants by clicking on it.

<a href="">Hypertext</a>
─ Result

Markup Language

A Markup Language is a set of markup tags. An HTML Tag marks up a text or an object that is used in between a start tag and end tag.

HTML tags are not appeared on the browser but it tells the browser how to structure and display them within a document.

<u>Underlined Text</u>
─ Result
Underlined Text


According to the result above, because of using the text “Underlined Text” in between <u> and </u> tags, browser realized that the text will take an underline.

Note: Browsers do not display HTML tags but use them to determine how to display the tags within a document.