HTML(5) Tutorial

HTML is an easy way to create your own web site. In this HTML Tutorial, I will teach you everything about HTML from very beginning to the end. Basically, I separated this tutorial into 4 steps –

  1. HTML Basic: You can learn all basic HTML codes from this step. Beginners must complete this step first. And a topic ─ How to Create an HTML Template has been posted in the end of this step to complete your learning. I have divided this step into two parts ─
    • HTML Basic Level-1: Level-1 contains some very important topics of HTML those you cannot leave, and posted another topic in the end of this level ─ How to Create a Simple Web Page Using HTML. As if you at least can apply those codes you already learned.
    • HTML Basic Level-2: And the Level-2 contains the rest parts of HTML Basic.
  2. HTML Advance: All advance HTML topics have been included in this step. For example, how to convert HTML4 to HTML5, HTML Layout and a lot more.
  3. HTML Templates: I will teach you here to create some HTML Templates in different categories, as if you can be able to create your own Template properly.
  4. HTML Tags: All HTML Tags are included here.

Advantages of This HTML Tutorial:

  • Related Links: In every post, you can see some links on the right side if available those are related to the post.
  • Edit HTML with Code Editor: contains an Online Live Code Editor. So to edit and test the Code, click the “Edit this Code” button.
  • Next and Previous button: Both Previous and Next buttons included in every post title and at the bottom of the content. To jump to the previous or next lesson, click the buttons.
  • Copy Code: If you double click your mouse into the code area then the code will be highlighted. Press Ctrl+C (Windows) to copy the code or select the code manually, then paste it into your text editor.
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